Ketchikan H20

Local Bulk Water Delivery, Bottled Water Delivery, Boat Hauling, and Shrink Wrapping.

About Us

Our History

Ketchikan H2O started in the Bulk Water business in 2007. In 2015 the bottled water delivery service began and was called Ketchikan H2O Bottled Water Service. In early 2019 the business was sold, and purchased by Derek and Kaitlyn Calendine. They have combined the bulk and bottled water business into one business and are still operating as Ketchikan H2O.

A Little of what we do

We provide bulk water services to many people in the community of Ketchikan, both residential and commercial. Mostly our bulk water services are used to fill peoples water tanks or cisterns, but we can provide water for other items as well. In addition to that we deliver bottled water. We have chosen to provide a great tasting water that uses natural filters and is eco-friendly. We deliver Mountain Mist Spring Water. For more specific information  on the bottled water and to look at water testing results they provide you can check it out at:

Boat hauling and transportation is a service that benefits a lot of boat owners. Whether you have your own trailer or your boat is on blocks, we can help. We are licensed and insured to haul and transport boats, as well as an experienced driver. We have both a double and triple axle trailer to choose from, and can haul a wide array of sizes. We also take care of any oversize permits that the State may require.

One other service we provide is shrink wrapping. Derek has shrink wrapped boats for people who store their boats for the winter. There are many other things that the shrink wrapping can be used for, if you have an idea of something you want shrink wrapped just call Derek and discuss the options.

Our Goal

Our goal in this business is to provide friendly customer service to the community and its surroundings. We want to be able to be there for you when you need us to. We feel in order to better serve you, our business hours should be "always". There are times something happens and a night call needs to be made. We know you aren't going to be low on water only Monday - Friday. We are open Sunday through Saturday.  Any time, and day that you need us just call or TEXT!

Yes, you can now TEXT us!! You can text the main line: 907-225-5426, with a water load, or question.

Services We Provide

Bulk Water Delivery


This is one of our Tanker Trucks we haul water with. Bulk Potable water, delivered  in 4000 gallon loads (or less by request). Our goal is to provide great customer service in a timely manner. 

Bottle Water Delivery Truck

Our Bottled Water Delivery Truck. We proudly distribute Mountain Mist Spring Water.

We proudly distribute Mountain Mist Spring Water, bottled in the shadows of Mount Rainier. We have 5 Gallon Jugs, 1 Liter Bottles sold 12/box, as well as 16.9 Ounce Bottles sold 24/box.

Boat Hauling

We have 2 hydraulic trailers we use to haul your boats. Double and Triple Axle. Call for quotes.

We have 2 hydraulic trailers; a double axle and a triple axle. We provide many different boat hauling services to people, trailer hauling, even transporting boats to the barge or ferry.

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Let us know if you would like to start getting bottled water delivered to your door, residential or commercial locations. No deposit necessary. Water coolers and dispensers available upon request.

Ketchikan H2O

PO Box 538, Ward Cove, AK 99928

907-225-KH2O (5426) Call or Text


These hours are basic hours of operation. We are always taking calls & texts. If you are in need of any services or have an emergency outside of basic operating hours please call or text us @ 907-225-5426.